Health Insurance: Kansas

Updated July 1, 2014, 8:00pm

Open Enrollment for Kansas ended March 31st

If you missed the deadline, mark your calendar: The next open enrollment begins November 15, 2014. That’s when you can sign up for tax-credit eligible health insurance.

In the meantime there’s another way to get a special window to sign up. If you have a major life event — like having a baby, adopting, losing coverage due to a job change or divorce — you’re likely eligible for a special enrollment period.

Kansas’ Affordable Care Act Choices

You’ve probably been reading a lot about the Affordable Care Act in the news lately. Each state has options about how to set up insurance marketplaces for its citizens.

  • Kansas decided not to create a state-run health insurance marketplace. Instead, the federal government will run the marketplace.
  • Governor Sam Brownback also turned down Medicaid expansion.

Where to Shop for Health Insurance in Kansas

Federal Marketplace Private Marketplaces
The state of Kansas opted not to set up a state-based marketplace for health insurance. If you want to buy insurance through a government-run marketplace, your only option is the marketplace run by the feds – called the federally-facilitated marketplace (FFM). The FFM can help you access tax credits and subsidies if you’re eligible. When you shop on the FFM, you’ll fill out an application to determine if you qualify for discounts and a lower monthly payment.

You can access the FFM online at

If you’d like an alternative to the federally-administered marketplace, you can shop on a marketplace that’s operated by a private company.The best private marketplaces are creating an easy, seamless shopping experience and delivering excellent customer service. They’ll help you estimate what discounts you’ll get when you shop for insurance.

In addition, a select few private marketplaces (like GetInsured) have a formal partnership with the federal government, which means you can get direct access to those federal discounts while still enjoying the private marketplace shopping experience.

Kansas Health Insurance Marketplace Plan Contact Information

Company Toll-Free Number
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City 888-800-4478
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc 800-392-7366
Coventry Health and Life 855-449-2889
Coventry Health Care Of Kansas Inc 855-449-2889